Inga RumpfSinger, Recording Artist , Patron Department rock

»Since 1999 the HSM has a firm place in the Hamburg music scene. An unusually creative place, whose spirit brings forth great young musicians.«

Reinhold BeckmannTV-Talk Show Host and Anchorman

»Here, musicians are given creative freedom, know-how and professional support for shaping a successful, long-term future. Thus, the HSM is the alternative to fast-paced TV casting shows.«

Ina MüllerRecording Artist, TV-Talk Show Hostess

»From the HSM I get highly gifted, talented, and motivated singers and musicians that I can completely rely on and that make a large part of my stage success. In return they get from me the chance to know all about being on Tour and performing live on large stages. This is a beautiful symbiosis.«

Heinz CanibolLabel Manager, 105 Music

»A Melting Pot of special talents.«

Franz WittenbrinkTheatre Director

»At the HSM I have discovered outstanding stage personalities, which I regularly refer back too for my Hamburg productions.«

Ole von BeustFormer first Mayor of the city of Hamburg

»Since the foundation of the HAMBURG SCHOOL OF MUSIC in 1999, it has become a leading focal point for the development of creative talents. It therefore makes a great contribution to strengthening the reputation of Hamburg as a City of Music.«