The best summer of your life!


Make the Summer of 2019 an unforgettable experience:

- Jam and study with professional, high-class musicians

- Take your skills to the next level

- Build your own band, and record your songs in professional recording studios

- Perform your songs in a prestigious club

- Dive into Hamburg's music scene

- Enjoy more than 50 lessons total

- Earn your Certificate of completion

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The academy will take place if at least 12 people are registered.

Maximum capacity: 25 people

Degree: Certificate
Instruction Language: German/English
Periode: 15.07. – 26.07.2019
Lenght: 2 Weeks
Instruction hours/Week: 26
Costs: 760 Euro

The SUMMER ACADEMY is perfect for you if ...

…you dream of making music for three weeks - non stop!  In addition to all lessons, our studios are available for jam sessions and your own band projects.


…you are playing with the idea of becoming a professional musician. The SUMMER ACADEMY invites you to step into a professional learning atmosphere.


…you specifically would like to prepare yourself for the entrance examination for the professional training at the Hamburg School of Music.



Vocals, drums, guitar, E-/Akk-Bass, piano / keyboards, saxophone, percussion.


Additional SUBJECTS:

Major Subjects in “one on one” lessons, Minor Subjects in small groups, band training, songwriting, recording, harmonics, ear training, rhythm and groove, read & sing, stage performance, music & business, open counseling, jam sessions.



- Basic knowledge on a main instrument and/or singing experience

- As possible: band experiences

- Minimum age: 14 years

- Maximum age: open end!